About us

Welcome to findamilspo.co.uk – we’re so happy that you’ve found us!

Our business directory, findamilspo, has been built to answer a question that we get asked a lot – how can we support Armed Forces families? Our answer is simple – by directly supporting the spouses, partners and other-halves of serving UK military personnel.

It’s no secret that life for the families of those serving can be challenging. As military partners we are often faced with short notice moves, long separations and starting over. This transient and unpredictable life doesn’t fit well around the traditional ideas of employment, which is why many of us have found the solution lies in the flexibility of self-employment.

Since 2018 we have been networking, collaborating, and supporting each other within our Milspo® community to build posting-proof businesses that truly showcase how hard working, dedicated and inspirational our amazing community is.

Now, for the first time you can have access to this network of amazing Milspo® business owners who will provide you with a top-notch service, in the same ethos of our serving military partners. In turn, when you choose to #shopmilspo you will be directly supporting their business and on a greater scale supporting the UK defence mission as a whole.

It’s easy to use, built with you and the wider community in mind, and will give you amazing results – so head over to the search and find the perfect Milspo® business for you.

What is the Milspo® Network CIC?

Milspo® is a global network that supports UK military SPOs (spouses, partners and other-halves) to build successful and resilient businesses that can thrive amongst the realities of Forces life. The Milspo® Network is unique in that, whilst its roots are in business support, it also connects an isolated and dispersed community and inspires them to achieve something greater for themselves.

Military SPOs recognise that ‘duty’ comes first, whilst also recognising that their own lives will likely suffer continual disruption due to this ‘duty’. Whether in employment, self-employed or running businesses, this disruption can significantly affect our careers.

In 2018 the global Milspo® Business Network was created, and today this CIC continues to develop and expand for SPOs who are either self-employed or have their own businesses. This is a network of business leaders who are no longer limited by location, and are building businesses that they deserve. The Milspo Business Network ensures our growing 1,200 members feel valued and supported as we all recognise the challenges faced and the sacrifices made as military SPOs.

The Milspo® Business Network exists for the wellbeing of non-serving partners to protect and enhance their careers, helping alleviate the difficulties faced by SPOs in finding employment and progressing professionally. This is facilitated through a deep understanding of what works best for an SPO, as well as fostering collaboration and joined-up initiatives, to enable SPOs to have self-employment through successful business ownership across the world.

A huge part of our efforts going forward will be focused on giving our members the space and support to grow their businesses and enhance their armed forces lives, which is why we know that the creation of findamilspo.co.uk is important for our community. Not only will it provide SPOs with the place to find like-minded business owners, it will give them the means to attract a greater audience and customer base, and therefore make firm business links and sales that can only enhance their gowth.

We are so pleased to see you here supporting our talented and inspirational members. To help our community grow and flourish further, we’d encourage you to #shopmilspo at every opportunity and directly support our armed forces families.

The Milspo® Network is a global network that supports all UK military spouses, partners and other-halves who are building the businesses of their dreams.