Find a Milspo FAQ’s

What is Find A Milspo?

Find A Milspo is our answer to the question – ‘how can I support the Armed Forces community?’ As family members of current serving personnel, we know that the answer is by supporting us!

As our UK forces get increasingly operational, we have experienced the challenges of finding employment while living a transient military life. For many of us, the solution lies in self-employment. As independent business owners, what would really make a difference to us isn’t a handout – it’s others buying our products and services. But regular postings across the country (and beyond) make it difficult for us to find reliable clients and customers. That’s why we have created Find A Milspo, a business directory that gives a home to all Military spouse, partner and other-half (SPO) owned businesses, no matter where service life takes us.

In addition, it’s a platform to showcase SPO businesses and make it easier for the great British public to support the Armed Forces community directly – it’s a win, win all round!

Who is Find A Milspo for?

Find A Milspo is for everyone!

If you’re a customer looking for that next amazing product or service, you’re in the right place. We have an entire network of amazing business owners who can provide you with a top-notch service; one that reflects the ethos we share with our serving partners. It’s free and easy to search for a business or a product. Plus, you’ll be supporting a business that, in turn, directly helps our Armed Forces families.

If you are a business owner and a military SPO looking to build your network, or you want to promote your business further afield, you’re going to love our directory. It’s been built entirely by military spouses, partners and other-halves just for us, so it fits our needs and promotes the best we have to offer as a community. Simply follow this link to register and get listed.

Why do you ask for my location?

Our location search option is optional. We’ve added a location search so that users can easily search for businesses in their area. We also love that our transient network can use it in a new posting to find like-minded business owners near them for support and meet-ups. As a #findamilpso member, you do not need to add your location if you feel it’s irrelevant or you don’t feel comfortable adding it. 

Please remember this does not replace any security information you have been provided from your Home Unit, and you can find information around OPSEC here.

What are the types of listing subscriptions, and how do I join?

Simply there is one type of subscription at #findamilpso, and that’s the annual subscription.
You can see details of what’s included here. Any fees associated with Find A Milspo go towards the overheads of the site and its parent company, the Milspo Network CIC. Find A Milspo and the Milspo Network CIC are both run by volunteers from the military community.

What if I need to change my details?

We’ve built Find A Milspo so you can easily log in and amend your details without having to contact us – good news for when your business evolves, or you inevitably get posted! The whole of your profile is fully searchable too, so it’s always best to keep it up to date. If you do have any issues, you can contact our Find A Milspo volunteer team at

I’m an SPO, and I want to set up my own business, can Find A Milspo help?

How exciting! You’ll need to head over to the main Milspo website, where you can find access to a whole load of business support, podcasts, downloadable business guides, and be able to register for our Milspo events. You’re also going to LOVE our Facebook community, where you can ask your questions and link up with business owners just like you. Enjoy! But don’t forget to head back to Find A Milspo to add your profile.

Who runs Find A Milspo?

Find A Milspo and the Milspo CIC is run by a team of SPO business-owning volunteers from all three military services. Since 2018 we have been bringing business support to the community, advocating for SPO’s at government level through the MoD’s Partner Employment Steering Group, and showcasing the fantastic businesses of our community to a greater audience. We are independent of any larger companies and charities and continue running thanks to the generous donations from our members.

I want to help; how can I get involved?

Amazing! The best part of Milspo and Find A Milspo is that they’re run FOR SPO’s BY SPO’s, which means that all content and growth is guided by those living in the community. Only we know exactly what we need. We are run by a passionate team of epic business owners who make Milspo what it is today – but we all know that military life can surprise you with short notice postings and deployments, so we are always looking for more volunteer support. If you would like to support this fantastic community, please do get in touch –

The Milspo® Network is a global network that supports all UK military spouses, partners and other-halves who are building the businesses of their dreams.